About us

Haesung Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer with expertise in the fishing industry, dealing with fishing products and related equipment.

Since its establishment in South Korea in 1994, we has become a leading global manufacturer of fishing products through continuous R&D as well as technology investment based on eco-friendly management strategies.

Haesung Enterprise Co., Ltd is focuses on a collaborative approach that leads to high-quality attuned to its purpose, as well as solid foundation in relationships.

Our vision begins by working closely with our customers and by having brought together with experience and network in Europe, Africa, Asia, American, and pacific areas.

낚싯줄 전문 제조업체로써 해성엔터프라이즈는 1994년 기업 설립 이후 20여년간 끊임없는 연구 개발 과정을 거쳐 지름 0.1~6.0mm 사이의 다양한 굵기의 모노 필라멘트를 생산할 수 있는 기술력을 갖추었습니다.

세계적인 기술력과 설비를 바탕으로 생산한 각종 모노 필라멘트와 함께 해양·수산관련 제품들도 전세계 주요국가에 꾸준히 공급하고 있으며 월생산량 200톤(ton) 규모의 국내 동종 업계에서 최대 생산기업으로 가장 높은 국내 점유율을 차지합니다.

현재 꾸준한 개발로 인해 해성은 세계로 나아갈 수 있는 기술력을 확보하였으며 대부분 수입에 의존하던 고기능, 고성능을 지난 제품으로 국산화 개발을 통하여 수입대체효과를 가져왔고 우리 제품을 역으로 일본, 미주 등으로 수출을 할 때 긍지와 보람을 느낍니다.
  • 2020 04 · Established the MES (Manufacturing execution system)
  • 2014 03 · Awarded a trophy for Outstanding entrepreneurs
  • 2012 04 · Acquired Biodegradable filament BY NFRD
    (National Fisheries Research And Development)
  • 2011 11 · Received the award of the export tower of 5 million dollar
  • 2009 09 · Appointed as an Innovative Business Company (INNO-BIZ)
    09 · Established Corporate R&D Center
  • 2008 08 · Acquired ISO 14001:2004 & KS 14001:2004 (EQAICC)
    09 · Appointed as Part & Material Specialized Company
  • 2007 02 · Launched sports fishing brand “EXSUM”
  • 2004 12 · Acquired ISO9002
  • 2001 02 · Launched sports fishing brand “EXSUM”
  • 2000 12 · Acquired ISO9002
  • 1998 02 · Became a member of KITA (Korea International Trade Association)
  • 1994 12 · Acquired ISO9002